Indonesia’s ARTventure Enchantments

Indonesia’s ARTventure Enchantments

Imagine that you had a chance to :

– Walking at the riverside, cross the river by small wooden canoe then do a short climbing through the tropical rainforest at the slope of mountain to reach orangutan rehabilitation centre and finally watching the part ranger feeds the orangutans.

– Driving the plantation route to visit mesmerizing lake, where you can find endless palm tree, rubber and cacao plantation. Cross the lake by ferry to the island that located in the middle of the lake and explore the typical Local Villages where you can find megalithic cultural objects and traditional dance performance.

– Learn how the local women make unique cloth in traditional way by driving along southern shores of the lake with its lovely ricefield and huge tribe graves. Go to a small town that has some fine examples of architecture with buffalo horn shaped roots, wood carved and painted wall in brilliant colors.

– Climbing the highest highland in Sumatra where you can stay in a simple homestay. Explore surrounding areas such as waterfalls, hot spring and active volcano with trekking at the tropical rain forest or even visit tea plantation with its beautiful landscape and its product that known as one of the best tea in the world since Dutch colonial time.

– Explore one of the great wonders temple of the world in a unique and tranquil atmosphere by having sun rise from the top of temple where you can see the sun rising between the beautiful two volcanoes.

– Watching Ramayana Ballet in another temple where you can see Javanese beautiful art performance on one stage that combined between dance, drama, music, fireball game and acrobat.

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